50 former PKR, PBB members join PSB Lambir

Ishak (sixth right) hands the food aid to a recipient, witnessed by PSB members.

MIRI: Fifty former PKR and PBB members from Kampung Lusut Taman Tunku Lambir joined PSB Lambir yesterday.

PSB Lambir protem chairman Abu Bakar Amit disclosed that they submitted their membership application forms to PSB Lambir deputy chairman Ishak Ahmad.

“Majority of the former PKR and PBB members are from the Orang Ulu community residing at Kampung Lusut Taman Tunku and surrounding area,” Abu Bakar told The Borneo Post yesterday.

According to Abu Bakar, all the fifty former PKR and PBB members were present during the gathering and handing over of food aid at Kampung Lusut Taman Tunku, and they were eager to help PSB campaign in the coming state election as they had lost confidence in the leadership of their former parties.

On the gathering, Abu Bakar said the response from the local community was good and they welcomed PSB with open arms.

He disclosed that a team of 60 PSB members distributed face masks, PSB pamphlets and PSB T-shirts during the gathering.

“We gave away food aid consisting of rice, cooking oil, biscuit and kitchen utilities to the eligible needy recipients there,” Abu Bakar said.

The PSB Lambir protem chairman disclosed that PSB is now intensively moving on the ground meeting voters in Lambir, housing areas, longhouses and villages.

During their visits, he said the local people were very receptive of PSB as it is a multi-racial party championing the rights and interests of Sarawak and Sarawakians.

Apart from the gathering at Kampung Lusut Taman Tunku, he said they went on a walkabout at the Tamu in Taman Tunku Lambir to hear the problems faced by the petty traders and villagers there.

Meanwhile, he called on new registered voters who have not joined any political party to join PSB which is open to all communities.

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