5 year old girl missing- help pls

A five-year-old girl went missing after she went out to buy instant noodles and eggs


Nurul Nadirah, affectionately known in her family as Dirang, failed to return home to her Seri Delima Flats in Seri Alam after going out to a sundry shop next block on Thursday.

Her mother Roselyn Alan, 25, said her husband Lima Medeng, 25, gave Nurul Nadirah RM4 and a hand-written note at 11am asking her to go to the shop to buy the items for lunch. When she did not return home after an hour, Lima went to the shop and the shopkeeper told him that his daughter had left after buying the items.

Rosleyn said the couple alerted the neighbours who searched the area, including her favourite spot at a nearby playground, but there was no trace of her.
Longing parents: Roselyn and Lima looking at their daughters pictures and (inset) a close-up of Dirang.

She added that the police told them that Nurul Nadirah’s green slippers and a plastic bag containing the instant noodles and eggs were found some 500m from the flat on Sunday.

The family also pasted leaflets about the girl around the Masai area.

Roselyn said her daughter had always gone out on her own to play with her friends since she was three.

I can’t sleep and I can’t eat. I will not tell her off for being so noisy again. I just want her back in my arms, said the mother-of-three, while adding that their home had been silent without her daughter’s singing and dancing.

Rosleyn urged members of the public to contact the police immediately if they had seen her daughter who was last seen wearing a pink T-shirt and white shorts.

Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mokhtar Shariff said three suspects, including a woman, had been detained to facilitate investigations.

The suspects, aged between 36 and 40, were arrested on the same day that police received reports about the missing child.

We have conducted searches at 20 separate locations but are still unable to find the girl, he said, adding that the suspects had been remanded until today.

First thing first…why did she let her daughter go buy groceries?
Come on…she a five year old…even 12 years old, i will not ask my daughter go out alone…

i pray she is safe
help the family and pray too!

why the parent so dare to let a small kid to buy groceries? :frowning: It is very unwise action but pray its alright :!:

[quote=“Athrun_zala_faith”]First thing first…why did she let her daughter go buy groceries?
Come on…she a five year old…even 12 years old, i will not ask my daughter go out alone…[/quote]

it seems a very frequent thing here in miri…
I’ve seen kids like maybe 7 or 8 years old running around playing near roadways
and I use to think don’t the parents don’t worry that the kid might get knocked by a car
or get kidnapped or something…

anyway, hope they find the daughter soon…

my childhood days also lepak dalam parit, up in the trees, hide in the bush, swim in pond . but no way i will allow my kids for that.

Even grown adults get kidnapped, not to mention children! :shock:

Human Trafficking are like soooooo happening right now. Everyone must be aware that the world is not a sAFE PLACE… PLEASE DO NOT KEEP YOUR KIDS ALL alone BY THEMSELVE OR ELSE you may not see them again :frowning:

remember the post where someone daughter was snatched from the car when the father went to buy a reload card?
no more news update on that?


i blame the parents… 5yr old anak dia srh beli brg di kantin? mcm la tak pnh tgk kes bdk hilang… hish… mmg salah parents!!!