5 ways to prolong your cell phone battery's charge

1)Simply turn it off.
Of course this may seem obvious, but when you are not expecting any important phone calls you may use this option. Turn it off as well at night, why keep it on if nobody calls you?
Also turn it off when you are in areas where there is no service. Why keep it on if it does not work anyway after all?

2)Turn off the vibration feature
When you phone vibrates versus ringing it consumes much more battery than it would if it was allowed to simply ring.

3)Do not allow to search for signal
You know when you are traveling and there are spots where your phone has no signal? Well, your phone will be roaming for a signal further consuming your battery. Simply turn it off when this occurs, it will save a good amount of your battery.

4)Do not use special features
Like the back light to see the screen when you are in a dark room. This itself consumes a lot of your battery. Do not play games, take pictures use bluetooth or connect to the internet.
Also try to lower your screen brightness to the minimum.

  1. Keep away from hot surfaces
    You know like putting you phone on top of your laptop, keeping it in your pocket or leaving it inside a hot vehicle. The heat will deteriorate the battery. Same applies with over charging your phone. When your phone is charged unplug it right away. You do not want it to be in contact with the heat too long.

Now that you know how to keep your cell phone’s battery juices flowing, you may find yourself talking on the phone longer because your battery is no longer dictating when a call should end. However, try to keep your calls short, this will further increase the time between battery charges.

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  1. Fully charge battery before use

  2. Don’t use phone while charging (call or sms)

  3. Set silent+vibrate off while heavy sms-ing. Rely on your phone screen light only.

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