4mbps at Promin Jaya?


Does anyone know if the Internet speed goes up to 4mbps in Promin Jaya??

I’ve just got the TM Broadband BB 1Mbps deal connected. Obviously, it’s a slow connection compared to what I’m used to. I was told at the TM counter that I should connect with the minimum speed first and see whether my area has a higher speed. I’m getting mixed info - the technician who fixed my line said that he HAS connected another house in this area with 4mbps (although in reality he said you will get only around 70% of this speed), whereas when I called TM they said this area does not reach up to 4mbps…

SO, can anyone comment on this please??

cos when u go tm there check, they giving u information as wat the system display but the actual situation only the technician know since they are the one plugging ur line to either 1mb, 2mb or 4 mb port…

Thanks, lcsiong for your reply.

So, do you think it’s safe for me to upgrade to 4mbps if the technician said that the area is ok?

u just go to TM counter there and tell them that their contractor who incharge of installation confirm with u that there is 4mb line, so you would like to apply for the 4mb line