34 teams partake in Saberkas futsal contest

MUKAH: Saberkas President Cup Futsal Championship here attracted a total of 24 men teams and 10 women teams.

Held over two days starting last 22 Oct and ending on 23 Oct, the competition that attracted teams from Saberkas branches outside Mukah was a sounding success and was highly commended by the guest-of-honour Assistant Minister of Public Utilities(Electricity and Telecommunications) Dr Haji Abdul Rahman bin Junaidi when speaking at a dinner held a leading hotel here on Sunday.

Rahman said he was very impressed by the futsal competition that attracted a large field and ended with flying colours.

He pointed out that the contest would be made an annual event for this premier youth organisation of the state, especially following the success of the just concluded two-day tournament hosted by the branch and held at Mukah Indoor Stadium, here.

Balingian Branch Saberkas headed by Balingian State Assemblyman, Abdul Yakub Haji Arbi, was given the task to implement that sporting event in the future.

“Congratulations to the organiser of this futsal competition, and I would like to reveal that we are going to make it an annual event. And YB Yakub and the gang had indicated their readiness to make it as an annual activity for the state Saberkas. It is a sporting event for Central Zone of Sarawak,” he said.

“During this futsal tournament, the organisers also came up with other side activities such as those involving the motorcycle clubs, music, arts and other youth events. This is good because these side activities could create a sense of fiesta of sorts, with futsal as the umbrella for the whole programme,” he said.

With the support from the members, he was confident that it would become the major futsal competition in the state, though for now it was open to the Saberkas members only.

“We should start from small. I had been following the Mukah Kaul Festival for many years already. I know that it was also starting from a small scale to one of the major festivals in the state as what it is now. Who knows, one day our futsal would become the major competition in the central region and then the state,” he added.

Rahman revealed that the futsal tournament staged in Mukah was the second activity of the year by Saberkas, with the first one being the Ten Pin Bowling held in Pantai Damai for the Southern Zone.

“And the third one, if I was not mistaken is the Pokeman Run believed to be held in Miri for the Northern Zone, and the date maybe early December this year,” disclosed Rahman.

Apart from Abdul Yakub Haji Arbi, others present were a political secretary to the Chief Ministers and State Saberkas deputy secretary general and Jemoreng Saberkas chairman Abu Seman Jahwie; political secretary to the Chief Minister Faridah Osman; State Saberkas executive secretary Iszuan Haroni, Sarawak Member of Youth Parliament Malaysia and Futsal organising chairman Royston bin Valentine and the branch as well as unit chairmen from various areas in Mukah.

Earlier Rahman graced the closing ceremony where prizes were presented to the winners. It was held at the indoor stadium, located about five-minute drive from the hotel.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/10/25/34-teams-partake-in-saberkas-futsal-contest/