31.12.2007 Miri Rave Party 2007

Miri Rave Party

Date = 31st Dec 2007
Time = 7pm till late
Venue = Indoor Stadium Miri
Ticket Price = RM35 (Early Bird)
RM45 (Late Comers)



Thousands will be here at this event…

Don’t Miss It Shuffle Fanatics…

For Tickets/Booking Call/SMS:-

Hong - 0135694698
Kester - 0128531850
Roy - 0168725811

Email : miri_rave_fever@yahoo.com

See you there!

  • SaM

At last there’s a rave party in miri! :lol:

Yup… See you there mate!

Drive your beemer k…

sorry samsccr82 can’t make it…I will be in Portugal at that time
Are you hosting the event?

It’s alrite Big Boss…

Nah just helping a bunch of frens
get the word out…

I will be there though…

Whatcha doing in Portugal?

Employment obligations…It’s a hard life but someones gotta do it

Haha got you, that’s why I chose the

Safe journey for ya then…

Any Trance DJ coming?

DJ Outlaw from KL…

Shuffle performance from KL top shuffle team 7 Sparkz

hehe… nice … 8)

i tot this event supposed to be held at kch?? now move to miri liaw??

Any special price for my portal members?

Well, maybe Kch got one Miri got
one eh…

Different ones I suppose?

i think it’s the same coz the one in kch, will be held end of the year too…and DJ Outlaw will peform too…
and now over here DJ Outlaw is coming to miri…i guess it’s been moved to miri then…

Are they good? Got beer ka?

DJ Outlaw quite famous at kl there…if wanna know good or not, be there! hehehehe

Any website for me to review?

Need to know what sort of music they are playing, It is a must go if they are willing to play Trance, especially Trance from DJ Tiesto and DJ Paul Van Dyk!

Hehehehe famous in KL doesn’t mean it meet my taste… :wink:

Well, you can always go to YouTube
to find out about something you wanna