3 firms face RM2m fines over fake software

Source: http://www.nst.com.my/Friday/National/20061006084339

3 firms face RM2m fines over fake software

A banking software provider, an asset management firm and a financial affairs consultancy with offices in the Golden Triangle were raided by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry over the past few days.

Officers confiscated 116 copies of pirated software worth about RM144,000 and 20 computers.

The financial affairs consultancy is based in Britain and has been in operation for more than 20 years with offices all over the world. Its human resources director refused to comment about the raid.

The banking software firm is an award-winning international company.

“The ministry only confiscated three laptops,” its information technology department head said yesterday.

He claimed that the company had procedures in place to prevent the use of illegal software on company computers.

The raids were part of Ops Tulen, a collaboration between the ministry and the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a non-profit organisation which monitors software piracy worldwide.

“We target the end-users of pirated software, usually companies, because the biggest damage is done by copies made in the workplace,” its Asian anti-piracy director, Tarun Swaney, said yesterday.

“Information and communications technology development is a major focus of the Ninth Malaysia Plan, and we are stepping up our efforts against piracy,” said the ministrys Federal Territory enforcement chief, Othman Nawang.

"A company in Kajang paid the highest penalty so far this year of RM7 million.

“There is another case under appeal in Sarawak. The company faces a fine of RM20 million.”

wow. howabout Miri?