2nd hand dslr camera sony a200 for sale

2nd hand Sony DSLR Camera (A200) for sales… still under warranty. included lens 18-70mm, 75-300mm & 50mm f1.8, Uv filtter for each lens, 4GB memory card, original battery, carry bag…etc. Interested pls pm me. :slight_smile:

pm me ur best prizes…

best price

50mm f1.8 how much?

Sweet,PM me price.

best price please

Please pm me for price and pictures. Thx

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still available?

Yes ruja, still available… :slight_smile:

best price.??

best price. =)

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Pm the best price …thks

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pm me ur best price please,tq tq=)

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70-300 how much? pm pl0x

How much & do u have any Pics…?TQVM

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