2nd Canon DC220 Video Camera

Genuine Canon Optics with 35x optical zoom/1000x digital zoom lens
2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor; widescreen HR recording
DIGIC DV II image processor; smooth zoom control
USB 2.0 hi-speed terminal for quick video transfer
DVD-R/-RW Dual Layer recording format

For sale is a Canon Handycam DC-220 in mint condition (minor scratches, no scuffs and no dents) at the low price of [size=200]RM800 - Negotiable[/size]. Buying on 2007. All the original canon accessories and original canon will be given with this. This camera takes amazing videos. A winner of the Digit’s Best Buy award, this camera is hard to give a miss. Is a respectable entry-level DVD camcorder sporting familiar specs and features: a single 1/6 CCD, electronic image stabilization, a 2.7" LCD, and a modest but effective array of manual controls. In many respects, the camcorder is identical to DC100, which turned in entry-level performance, but an improved joystick placement and 35x optical zoom have sweetened the pot.

The Front (5.0)
The Canon DC50 has a tall, slender figure. The entry-levelness of it is apparent from the front. Take a closer look and youll realize that the DC220 lacks a flash or video light, and it features a small lens with no threads for a filter. The 35x optical zoom lens is capable of the following focal lengths:

  • 2.6-91mm
  • 45.8-1603mm (16:9 movies, EIS on),
  • 41.0-1435mm (16:9 movies, EIS off),
  • 49.8-1743mm (4:3 movies),
  • 43.6-1526mm (still images).

The DC220s built-in stereo microphone is located below the lensa position we prefer over top-mounted mics, which are susceptible to sound muffling due to cramped finger placement.

The Right Side (3.75)
Theres not much to speak of here, either. Canons infamous elongated, oval hand strap is not particularly comfortable. Its low strung and therefore the DC220 will flop to the side in your hand unless the strap is ratcheted tightjust make sure you dont sacrifice circulation for grip. Note to Canon: Please revamp your hand strapstake heed from Sony.

The round DVD disc hatch is solidly constructed and has a quick response time when ejected. The tape hatch opens to an approximate 50 degree angle, and it has a small finger groove inside for removing a disc. The round DC in-jack is located at the bottom rightan odd placement that is prone to an accidental yanking.

The Back (6.0)
The back of the DC220 is identical to the DC230 in construction. Both viewfinders do not extend or feature a rubberized eyecup. Even Sonys lowest end DCR-DVD105 has an extendable viewfinder. Canon is peculiar in their construction choices. Heres another one: the DC220s unfinished, random silver strip that is supposed to represent the record start/stop button. Youll find this on most Canons, and it bothers the heck out of us. Would it kill you to just add a splash of red paint, Canon?
Beneath the viewfinder is the movie/camera mode button, which is difficult to access without using the other hand. Now for one the DC220s few redeeming qualitiesthe rear-mounted joystick. Panasonic and Canon lead the pack with one-hand camcorder operation. Our only caution is that the joystick tends to flit about like a hummingbird under the thumb of a latte addict. It takes practice to hone in on the proper amount of control necessary for preventing inadvertent menu selections. Below the joystick is the mode switch, which is toggled by shifting the lever down. Its easy to access, and shifts rapidly.

The Left Side (4.5)
The DC220s left side layout consists of a circular set of buttons located in the upper right corner, above the LCD cavity: function, display, and Quick Start. Placing the menu button on the left side, and not on the rear with the joystick, was a design mistake. Why should you have to tilt the camcorder or crane your neck to access the menu? The DC220 will take some practice before you become the button ring master.

Flipping open the LCD screen reveals another mistake, the enclosed battery pack. A design like this means that youre stuck with whatever short battery life the company has ranted you, with no hope for expansion. Along with the thin battery pack, hogging the LCD cavity, youve got a USB port in the upper right, and the battery release button just below.

Next to the LCD cavity is a highly inconspicuous plastic port cover that can only be accessed from via a small finger groove. The SD card slot and A/V out jack live here but good luck trying to locate them when you first pick up the DC220; the ports are as well disguised as a chameleon.

The 2.7" widescreen LCD features a horizontal strip of controls: zoom in, zoom out, record start/stop, and playlist. These buttons also double as the rewind, fast forward, play/pause, and stop playback controls. The manual lens cover switch is located in the upper left, and it could be dangerous if your memory is not up to par.

The Top (4.5)
By now, its obvious that the DC220 is a very minimalist camcorder. Along the bottom right is the P/auto switch, which can be controlled by a very nimble middle finger. The zoom lever is identical to almost all Canonslight, quick, and responsiveand features three speeds. The photo button is right behind, and it can be accessed easily by the index finger.

[size=150](Helping my friend to sell his Canon Handycam DC-220, PM me if interest - item at Miri Sarawak)[/size]

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