25 Years

Is that the new Evo?

nope…that is the latest 2007 Eclipse 3.6cc…

ya lor… is the red one the new evo?? very nice ya…

3.6cc Eclipse :shock: … waulau… must be very fast lor… wat is the HP?

It’s a 4door, can’t be an Eclipse. With the extra wide fender flares, looks like the Evo to me.



Sorry for the Russian site, that’s the first result Google smacked me with.

ian’s right. It is the new evo x. Out in 2007 soon.

Waulau arrr. top of the rest in the market… i like 2 see either a red or black one on the road la…My guess: at least 250k for this.

Ian… thanks for the info…

Current Evo costs about 380K. I’d bet with you that car’s gonna cost at least 420K due to demand.

I’ve never understood 4 door sports cars anyways, probably because I’m a selfish jerk and I don’t want to carry any extra weight around when I’m enjoying the drive from a sports car.

If I want to carry people I’d drive a bus.

so u must driving a 2 doors sport car… :wink: :wink:

Not yet, I can’t afford a sports car but in the market for one on conditon if it is worth the cost (right now, its totally not worth to get a car at all) :slight_smile: .

The ideal vehicle of my choice would be a S2000. And a second car of a Hummer to drive over slowpokes.