2100B Superclean Ultra Water Filter Promotion

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2100B Superclean Ultra Filtration System Outdoor

Suitable for Apartment and Condominium

World’s Latest Nano Technology Membrane Filter[/b]

[b][size=150]Market Price : RM2680.00

Now Offer Price : RM988.00 (Not inclusive installation)[/size][/b]

Benefit :

  1. Membrane Pore Size of 0.01 Micron, to prevent penetration of harmful particles.

  2. The way is clear for clear drinking water

  3. Stainless Steel Casing

  4. Preserve Mineral

  5. Cross-Flow or Dead-End

  6. 99.99% Bacteria and Virus Free

  7. Latest European Technology (Fully Import)

Product Specifications :

Backwash : Manual

Warranty : 5 Years

Dimensions : 108mm X 760mm

Nominal Operating Pressure : 1-4 Bar

Membrane Meterial : PAN

Membrane Pore Size : 0.01 Micron

Casing : SUS 304 (outside and inside)

Further information please direct call us.

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Contact : P.C.FAM 016-3936361

Website : http://www.carewater2u.com[/size][/b]

which one is better compare with Diament King?

Diment King is 5 Micron Filtron but the size bigger, 2100B UF filter is only 0.01 Micron, the result of after filtration sure much clean compare with Diament King. Even the cost is also cheaper. Further information, kindly contact us or email to us. Our email is enquiry@carewater2u.com, we looking for dealer in Miri also.