20th Sun (Hari Raya) DOG WALK!

Greetings dog walkers! It’s that time of the month again!

It is confirmed! This sunday, we will have a dog walk! It’s the same meeting place, and it’s the same cool dudes taking us on a new walk! There will be two different walks this time. Here are the details!

Date: 20th September 2009.

Time: 7:30am (Yep! It’s gonna be nice, crisp and fresh!).

Venue: Real K-9 Dog Training School (located at Lot 3512 Medical Road, Tanjung).

Event: Two different levels of dog walks! For the adventurous and rough and tough dogs and dog-walkers, we have something in store for ya!
Level 5 <— This is new.

                           For the newbies, new-comers and casual dudes & dudettes (the chicks), we have something more relaxing for you lot! 
                          [u]  Level 2 [/u] <--- This may be new.

I do need to remind you, that if it rains, the walk is cancelled! However, for any further enquiries or comments, feel free to leave one here. Thanks to streamyx, i’ve been unable to do anything on the internet. But, it’s a good thing i have my ways.

Remember, bring a bottle of water and a bowl for your dog. If it’s a hot morning, your dog needs this.

A bit of info for the newcomers;

  • If your dog has any fleas,ticks,lice,or a skin disease,illness,etc , please inform one of our trainers.
  • If your dog (or in any case, yourself) has a history of violence(biting/fighting), please inform one of our trainers.
  • There is no fee for the dog-walks! It’s free!!!
  • We encourage you NOT to let your dog off its leash, unless you can fully control it.
  • Let go of the stress from your week, and enjoy the weekend with your dog & with us!

So, if you aren’t doing anything special in the morning on Sunday 7:30am , do bring your companion for this walk!! We hope you enjoy like many of the previous walkers have!

See ya!