2014: Experience tutor/teacher only * up to 75%

Our centre will start new classes for following subject:

  1. Biology (STPM)
  2. Physics (SPM/STPM)
  3. BI (PMR)
  4. Sejarah (PMR/SPM)
  5. Science(PMR)
  6. Mathematics (PMR/SPM)
  7. Princip Akaun (SPM)
  8. Chemistry (STPM)
  9. Other subjects

Location: Mosjaya commercial Centre

Tutor Fee : Up to 75% (depend on experience and number of students)

The post open for experience teacher/tutor only. Join our profesional group of tutors.

pm me or post here if you are interested. [size=150]0109786388[/size]


New subject added: Chemistry STPM

All post are still available.

pm now.

Pm me the details. I’m interested for the Math SPM

Hi, is there still any tutor post available at your centre? kindly PM. Thank you.

I’m going to resign from government service by the end of the year. I teach English and MUET. I would love the opportunity if there is still any. My number is 0198259327.Thank you.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry
I have an experience in teaching Chemistry to Form 4 & 5 for around 2 years
I can teach Science also for SPM/PMR

So if you think i can be an asset for you kindly contact me at 0168517821

pm sent.

Tutor post open for 2014


thanks for the pm. i am interested to join ur team. however im unable to reply ur pm in this forum as i think its because i have not posted enough posts(??). tried calling 019 877 6569, not sure if its still the same number as mentioned in one of your posts. any other way/number i could contact you? thanks.

pm sent

helo, im a teacher. Really interested to join your team…previously 5 years experience in peninsular before post back to Miri (my hometown)…