2007 Miri Car Audio SPL Battle - 8 & 9 DEC 2007

Miri Pioneer Car Audio SPL Battle 2007

Date: 8 & 9 DEC 2007
Venue: Miri Indoor Stadium

SPL Competition (Cone Area Class)

Class A
Open (unlimited)

Class B[/b]
12" x 3
12" x 4
15" x 2
18" x 1

Class C
10" x 4
12" x 1
12" x 2
15" x 1

Other than SPL competition, there are also Best Installation and Best design available.

Anyone who are interested to participate can contact 019-8285211 or 019-8459933 or contact any car accessory shop in Miri.


Read more here: http://www.miricommunity.net/viewtopic.php?t=8639

YEAH YEAH! Finally a STANDARD SPL competition is held in miri! Looking forward to see all taikor play their systems there… Sweats SweatS…

Im Disqualified…cause my system was SQ setting and no “tun tun tun” :stuck_out_tongue:

sure all the ah beng join liaw

Is there any Ah Lieng join the competition? Seldom see any Ah Lieng have “tun tun tun” in his car :stuck_out_tongue:

lim pek, the one driving whita satria?

Huh??? :shock: Who are you devil??

wa nice nice… GTSW20 go go go participate!! :stuck_out_tongue: Can get VIP pass go in a? ahhaha

Isoudstream should join it. he love to “tun tun tun” :slight_smile:

You should also join ma.

no lor…im in SQL class :slight_smile:

brother, thanks for suggestion but i am SQL kaki lah.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:26 am Post subject:
sure all the ah beng join liaw

Chilskater, just wondering what is your points for the “sure all the ah beng join liaw”.

First question, do you Pro in SQL or SPL? if you do, i would like you to show me what u have in your system here, then i will let you know whether you are pro or more like “ah beng”.

Secondly, do you think SPL is for “ah beng” to join? do you have any idea what is the requirement for SPL competition? or for IASCA standard?

Lastly, please do understand the term first before you leave any “ah beng” comments.

chilskater, are you calling those spl, sq and sql ppl ah beng?!!! do u knoe the terms of spl ?? sq?? sql??? do you that calling ppl like us ah beng is veri rude???


I agree wif yong, u should show us ur system and we ll tell u the terms ‘ah beng’!!


devil, thanks for the support :slight_smile:

brother, thanks for suggestion but i am SQL kaki lah.[/quote]

oh ya ho… forgot the title is spl battle ahhaha

if im not mistaken,my supervisor told me got pc fair from the 7th till 9th at indoor owh…knot go la like this…hv to work…haiz…who organize this audio comp arr?

haiz haiz… i also going away for holidays from 5th to 9th… cham miss the event d T_T

regarding this, have to ask yong9009 for more information…

don wori… i think the competition is delayed