2 nice doggies need nice farm for happy life

Many of you have seen the Krokop dogs (one orange & one black) living in the round about median. They lived there because they were trying to not let the boys get them pregnant. Today PAWS went with Dr. Hii & caught them & had them spayed. We are looking for a nice farm to take them to so they can just live happy lives. They will not have puppies, want to live inside or be guard dogs. They will just need someone to give them food, some shelter & let them run around & be free & happy. Their names are Thelma & Louise (ever see the movie)? :lol:

Any pictures of them?

Thanks hedylane for the good news. I have fed there before too. And have worried about them cos I haven’t seen them sleeping around there for quite a while, what a relief. Too bad I don’t have a farm…else I would definitely have them. :frowning: