2,000 fish released at Bulatan Park pond

2,000 fish released at Bulatan Park pond

by Cindy Lai, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on September 24, 2014, Wednesday

MIRI: Some 2,000 fish were released into a man-made pond at Bulatan Park near the Saberkas Commercial Centre here recently an act of Fang Sheng or compassion said to be much encouraged in Buddhism.

Businessman Tan Yun Keong, a staunch Buddhist, earlier bought the fish from a pet shop before releasing them into the pond with assistance from his family members and friends.

For the past 20 years, I have been releasing countless animals like birds and tortoise in parts of Miri. During the process, I could deeply sense the joyous feeling of the animals before they continued their journey to freedom.

As for today, I must say that it is extra special as it also marks two decades since I first started the practice, he said.

Refusing to reveal the cost of the fish he bought, Tan hoped to educate his children as well as friends on the importance of appreciating life.

A hectic life makes us find it more difficult to feel sympathy for human beings and also animals.

It could result in us as part of living beings on Earth feeling less compassionate for those who are experiencing pain.

Instead of differentiating people based on their race and religious background, it is time for us to increase the scope of our compassion just like a loving mother who feels compassion for all her children.

By doing so, we can attain full enlightenment, he elaborated.

Meanwhile, voicing concern over the need to improve the man-made pond in the popular park, trader Leo Goh said the number of fish there had been depleting.

Despite frequent rains, the level of the water in the pond continues to decline.

Therefore, there is suspicion of a leak, he said.

An avid runner, Leo said the man-made pond has contributed greatly to the popularity of Bulatan Park, where families would often spend their weekends feeding fish and enjoying the nice evening weather.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2014/09/24/2000-fish-released-at-bulatan-park-pond/

Noble cause from our community. Hope nobody tries to chuck their unwanted croc hatchling there again. Just kidding. :-p

Free food for the crocs… I thought last time the pond dried up due to hot and dry weather.

Is there actually still a crocodile there?
I always jog around there last time and never seen any…

These days got buaya darat perhaps? Since the actual one was caught sometime ago.

I hope that the authorities concerned would maintain the pond constantly clean and free from filth so that the life forms [(I mean the fish, not the croc :-)] living in it could survive.