1st day jailed, Saudi prince says he may go crazy

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Gay Saudi Prince Gets 20 Years Prison for Murder of Servant

A Saudi prince, the grandson of King Abdullah, has been sentenced for murdering his servant in a London hotel.

Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasir al-Saud, 34, must serve a minimum of 20 years.


Al Saud, 34, was convicted of murder and also of grievous bodily harm for an early attack upon his 32-year-old servant, which was caught on an elevator security camera in the five-star Landmark Hotel where the pair lived.

The servant apparently did not defend himself. According to Detective Chief Inspector John McFarlane, Abdulaziz had been abused repeatedly by the prince and his death was the culmination of a number of abusive acts.

The injuries which were noted by the pathologist clearly show Bandar was the victim of many more assaults over an extended period of time," McFarlane told the UK Guardian.

The prince claimed diplomatic immunity as a member of Saudi royal family, and even offered prosecutor US$2.5 million for release. However, these efforts to escape prosecution were rebuffed.

‘It is very unusual for a prince to be in the dock on a murder charge. But your trial has proceeded in just the same way as anyone else’s would in this court,’ the judge said.

No one in this country is above the law. It would be wrong for me to sentence you either more severely or more leniently because of your membership of the royal family in Saudi Arabia,’ he added.

‘The most chilling aspect of that footage is that your victim did not resist at all. He was so completely subservient to you that after being treated as a human punchbag he followed you meekly out of the lift,’ the judge said.

“Bandar was a vulnerable victim, entirely subjugated to your will. You were in a position of authority and trust over him, which you exploited ruthlessly.”

‘To this day you have not explained why you killed him,’ the judge told al-Saud, who showed no emotion when sentence was passed.


The prince’s father, who was present for listening at the court, collapsed and had to be treated by the Old Bailey matron after the guilty verdict.

Saudi religious fundamentalist called for beating, execution and total annihilation of gay people

Prince Saud was exposed as a homosexual during his trial, he is currently targeted by Saudi Islamic fundamentalists because of his sexuality, who have screamed for his execution if he returns to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi execution of gay people - beheading

Trying to bribe his way to freedom… Even he is free from imprisonment, the Saudi Islamic fundamentalist will not let him go so easily.

Serve this notorious gay criminal right!


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A Saudi Arabian prince, who was convicted of murder in the UK and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, said on the first day of his jailing term that he finds it to be difficult to eat and sleep in jail. Saud bin Abdulaziz al Saud Nazer has even complained that he may become the target of extortion by fellow prisoners, who regard him as the rich.

According to his doctor who handle the medical checkup, Saud suffered an adjustment disorder that led to him could not eat and sleep. In fact he cannot concentrate during a conversation with his lawyer. In the trial court in London, Wednesday, October 20, 2010, Saud was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for killing an aide.

The prince in police van

We gave him sleeping pills and Valium, but he is still not able to sleep, said Dr. Phillip Joseph as quoted from daily news ‘The Independent’. Joseph said that the drastic change from luxurious life to imprisonment is simply too confined for the prince, and could possibly lead to Saud suffering from mental disorders.

Putting him in a strange place makes it difficult to adapt. Today he looks more stress again and pleaded he can no longer able to live in prison, he said.

Joseph said that Saud looks like a confused person in prison. He just spent the day in bed in his cell. People like this, he said, may have a tendency to commit suicide because of depression if persisted for long term.

Jail in the UK

Because of his position as a Saudi prince, he can also be subjected to extortion from fellow inmates. Saud said he is frightened when he saw a fight in jail, and he was also worried about that prisoners may take picture of him and sell it to the media.

Thus, his lawyer, Michael Wolkind, appealed to the judge for relief on behalf of Saud, to transfer his sentence from imprisonment to house arrest instead. Wolkind said that Saud would live in a mansion closely monitored day and night by personnel from the law enforcement agencies.

Such arrangement reportedly cost as much as 1 million pounds, but Saud is willing to assume all the expenses involved.

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