'1Sarawak' natives take on Taib

ANTIDOTE Seven Kayan and five Penan villagers from Baram are challenging Sarawak’s authorities and timber tycoons in court in defence of their communities’ ancestral land.

Ngau Wan Ngau, Anyi Emang Lawai, Usun Jok Emang, Laeng Ajang, Wan Ngau Wan, Tabong Tiri, Guro Kiling, Sait Kiling, Jau Kiling, Tua Kampung Sakai Ding, Johnny Lalang and Wan Ding filed a lawsuit at the Miri High Court on May 11.


lets see a class action lawsuit!

Later end up nothing happen =="

money out, all quiet

I will like to see what they actually take on about.

Like on what evidence; context of violation etc… & what they seek. NCR issue is big; hope not be a Hot hot chicken ■■■■ type matter.

no more new news I assume?

if yes, i am not surprised…
Money conquers all here in malaysia…
even the law…