16GB on PSP?

Anyone knows if 16GB memory stick works well on firmware version 5 for PSP ?

Also wanted to know where can i get 16GB Memory Stick without “MARK 2” in Miri? How much will it costs?

psp since V5 support 16gb.

i think there is not mark2 16gb ler, 16gb is HighCapacity type sold as HX model, around rm350 after hard nego in KL. miri i dunno.

*edit: paiseh, there is mark2 model of 16gb, retailing at 359… might get the HX one, faster. btw, there is this china made adapter, where it able to insert 2 microsd card to run as 1 MSpro… if u grab 2x 8gbmicrosd(hi speed) less then rm200, the adapter around rm50… u save about rm100, and u get FASTER speed then the HX model.

**edit2: the adapter were initially design for sony alphas camera, for those who anti MS, and MS were slow in the early era. the micro SD is far more faster. btw, the adapter is known as PhotoFast CR-5400. it is reliable.


You got? how much?

where can i get the mention CR-5400 in miri? bundle with SD card?

i wan to get 16gb memory card

as far as i know, miri noone is selling. the nearest is a girl seller in sabah… and i know few seller in KL… i have to check the lastest pricing, coz i think micro sd price did dropped… usually people pair it with SANDISK microsd… since they are the top recommended mcards.

use this one lah. can put 2 pieces of 16GB microSD, sum up to 32GB on your PSP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah this is the CR-5400 we are mentioning, Vertigo any clue where to get this in Miri? had ask few shop but not selling.

edme i think got sell cr-5400
i just bought another 8gb pro duo…
got 2 pro duo nw
1 broken 1 new
1gb ori memory card

the adapter can slot into psp? ah?

16 gb memory card psp will lag or not later lag dao hai yanmg

[quote=“lace”]the adapter can slot into psp? ah?
16 gb memory card psp will lag or not later lag dao hai yanmg[/quote]
The adapter are just like an ordinary Sony Pro Duo Stick but enable you to slot in 2 pcs MicroSD card running like Raid 0 concept to double up your capacity, performance will be depend what spec you slot in, high speed card use by Camera sure faster than Sony Pro Duo no doubt.
Note once slot in format settle down will not advice to swap the MicroSD as they had link to each other, data will lost if do so…
You can refer to link below for more info.

I encounter larger capacity card use on phone (Nokia n93) causing lagging, I agree on your concern.
But for this case psp had higher seeking info time (loading) would be almost the same compare 2 card as it do not require extract the iso/cso for psp, I believe the benefit would be writing time (game save) & costing for player, duration? I had 2 spoil Sony stick, one fake one ori ><"

gota try 16gb soon
i just bought another 8gb pro hq-duo magic gate~ lols dunno good or not

cant wait till i put my hand on cr-5400
copying game in psp is so slow sien…
tonite go try new card
put in all games into it

16GB memory sucks!! i first bought them in Miri Parkson. 1 time was their fault and bought another one again. Then BAM! after few months PSP can’t read the damn thing.