16 school projects approved under 4th Rolling Plan

KUCHING: A total of 16 school projects worth RM364 million has already been approved for implementation in the state under the 4th Rolling Plan of the 10th Malaysian Plan (10MP) for 2014 and this year.

Only one project is already under construction, namely SM Seni Malaysia here, said state Education director Serina Sauni in a statement.

The remaining projects are now under pre-build stage, namely SK Tudan Jaya (Miri), SK Merdang (Samarahan), SK Sri Sadong (Serian), SMK Tudan (Miri), SMK Balingian (Mukah), SK Kampung Tellian (Mukah), SK Abang Leman (Saratok), SK Nanga Poi (Kanowit), SK Batu Tellingai (Subis), SMK Subis (Subis), SK Nanga Merit (Kapit), SMK Lutong (Miri), SMK Limbang (Limbang) and SK Mupong (Meradong).

Serina also revealed a total of 14 projects worth RM234 million had been approved under the previous three rolling plans. These included nine projects (RM234 million) under the first, three projects (RM90 million) under the second, and two projects (RM40 million) under the third.

In the 1st Rolling Plan, two projects were SMK Sarikei Baru (Sarikei) and SMK Bandar Kuching No 1 (Kuching), while seven projects are still under construction, namely SMK Semop (Daro), SMK Tutoh Apoh (Baram), SK Gersik (Kuching), SK Triang (Serian), SMK Senibong (Lundu), SMK Saratok 2 (Saratok) and SMK Song No 2 (Song).

For the 2nd rolling plan, all the three projects namely SK Landeh (Padawan), SMK Singai (Bau) and SMK Lingga (Sri Aman) are still under construction.

The two projects under 3rd Rolling Plan are in SK Nanga Merit and SK Tanjong, Limbang but have yet to commence until the appointment of consultants by the Education Ministry.

Serina also mentioned that financial assistance for students under Federal Minor Scholarship (BKP). University Preparatory Class Scholarship (BKPU), Poor Students Trust Fund Group (KWAPM), 1Malaysia Schooling Early Aid (BKAP1M) and 1Malaysia Book Voucher (BB1M) would be continued this year.

Last year, RM7.64 million in BKP were channelled to 9,100 students , while 975 students benefitted from RM709,890 under BKPU.

A total RM29.648 million was allocated under KWAPM to 137,612 students last year including RM20.5 million to 33,665 students under the e-Kasih programme.

Last year, some RM10.9 million was spent on the 1Malaysia Milk Programme (PS1M) for 165,528 people while the Supplementary Food Programme (RMT) involved 76,940 students costing RM43.9 million.

A total of RM240 million was allocated to 109 boarding secondary schools and 490 boarding primary schools last year. This year, the boarders are estimated at 76,781 which comprises 43,708 secondary school students and 33,073 primary school students.