14 Du Zhong schools in Sarawak receive RM2.7 million

KUCHING: The 14 Chinese independent schools (Du Zhong) in Sarawak are given over RM2.7 million by the federal government’s RM12 million allocation for Du Zhong nationwide.

Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong said she was pleased that five of the 14 Du Zhong received RM195,000 each while the remaining schools were given RM193,000 each.

“The money has already been electronically transferred to the management committees’ respective accounts, which goes to show that the new government treats every Du Zhong fairly.

“It is also the new government’s way of extending appreciation to the contributions of Du Zhong to the country,” she told a news conference here yesterday.

Yong believed the over RM2.7 million-fund would benefit those schools, and enable them to do better.

The five Du Zhong which received RM195,000 each were Kuching Chung Hua Middle School (CHMS) No 3; Kuching CHMS No 4; Kai Dee Secondary School, Bintulu; Pei Min Secondary School, Miri; and Wong Nai Siong Secondary School, Sibu.

Those given RM193,000 each were Serian Public Secondary School; Kuching CHMS No 1, Citizen Secondary School, Sibu; Guong Ming Secondary School, Sibu; Jalan Riam Secondary School, Miri; Catholic High School, Sibu; Kiang Hin Secondary School, Sibu; Batu Kawa Min Lit Secondary School; and Ming Lik Secondary School, Sarikei.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2019/01/18/14-du-zhong-schools-in-sarawak-receive-rm2-7-million/