1000 Cats saved from Chinese resteraunts

1,000 cats saved from Chinese dining table after being discovered in cramped cages when truck crashed

Locals save them from Changsha roadside after being stranded for 24hrs
Surviving cats were packed off to a pet clinic for treatment following crash

By Sean O’hare

PUBLISHED: 11:53 GMT, 15 January 2013 | UPDATED: 13:52 GMT, 15 January 2013
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These pictures capture the moment animal lovers come to the rescue of more than 1,000 cats found starving, thirsty and cramped in cages on the back of a crashed lorry in China.

The cats were destined for the restaurants of Guangdong until the road accident in Changsha, Hunan province delayed the journey by 24 hours and enabled the 50 locals to rescue them.

They were nursed with food, water and milk before being packed off to Changsha Small Animal Protection Association for treatment.

Cats in China can spend up to two months squeezed 25 at a time inside cages which measure just 2ft by 3ft. Many die before they reach their final destination.

Such cruelty - inconceivable in the West - is becoming increasingly commonplace in China, where are up to four million cats are year are killed.

They are usually sold to restaurant owners for about 1 per pound, less if they are bought in bulk. They are fed once a day on a mixture of rice and animal feed

The cats come from the countryside and are raised by villagers as a cheap and easy way of making extra money.

They keep them indoors with long pieces of nylon string tied around their necks.

Because eating kittens is considered bad luck, they wait until the cats are more than 12 months old before selling them either directly to the markets or to ‘middlemen’ who trade on their behalf.

Even after the cats are bought at market - usually taken away in mesh nets and plastic bags - they are often forced to endure several days’ more agony stored in restaurant cupboards.

Every evening they are moved to cages outside the restaurant and customers are invited to select the one that takes their fancy. The chef then kills the cat of their choice by cutting its throat.

Animals Asia Foundation believe renewed interest in eating cat is linked to the upturn in the economic fortunes of Guangdong, the most prosperous province in China.

‘People have more money in their pockets now, so for many these so-called delicacies have become affordable,’ said Robinson. ‘Eating cat is probably more popular in the south-east than anywhere else but increasingly we are finding that it is on the menu all over China.’

damn… those exotic food lover who choose cat as their meal are so heartless.

Ewwwww… Disgusting.

i love cats, how can people eat them?

so sad…these people dont like eating chicken anymore?

pity those cats…cramping inside cage…

OMG! Cats also wanna eat?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … z2Gl1heo2m
Farmers in Switzerland routinely EATING cats and dogs with their meals

Practice still common among farmers in areas of Switzerland
The most popular type of dog is a breed related to the Rotweiler
Commercial sale of dog meat is banned in the country, eating is not

By Allan Hall

PUBLISHED: 18:00 GMT, 1 January 2013 | UPDATED: 18:00 GMT, 1 January 2013

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It is a practice more usually associated with Far Eastern countries such as China and Vietnam.

But a report by a newspaper in Switzerland has revealed that dog and cat meat is still part of meals in the Alpine nation.

The Tages Anzeiger said farmers in the Appenzell and St. Gallen areas in particular slaughter the creatures to eat themselves or to pass on to friends.
Canine snack: Eating dog meat is still common practice in some areas of Switzerland, a newspaper in the country has found

Canine snack: Eating dog meat is still common practice in some areas of Switzerland, a newspaper in the country has found

The favourite type of meat comes from a dog that is related to the beefy Rottweiler.

Theres nothing odd about it, a farmer told the paper. Meat is meat. Construction workers in particular like eating it.


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Another farmer told how he raised animals and then called in a butcher friend to kill them when they were ripe for slaughter. Still one more described how he either shot the creatures, usually adored as pets throughout Europe, or bludgeoned them to death.

According to the report, people ate the meat as mostbrckli - usually a form of beef or ham that is marinated, but this one made from dog or cat.

No-one knows what it is when you prepare it in this fashion, a farmer added.
Dog’s dinner: Although human consumption of dog meat is mostly associated with Asian countries such as China, pictured, Swiss farmers confessed to breeding dogs for their meat

Dog’s dinner: Although human consumption of dog meat is mostly associated with Asian countries such as China, pictured, Swiss farmers confessed to breeding dogs for their meat

While not taking place on a commercial scale, the practice horrifies animal rights activists in Switzerland where the eating of such creatures is not forbidden by law, as it is in nearby Germany.

In Switzerland the person who wants to kill a cat or a dog will only be prosecuted if the killing is itself cruel.

Dog meat is eaten in a number of countries across the globe, but the practice is mostly associated with Asian nations.

It is most common in China, South Korea and Vietnam where earing dog is believed to bring good fortune

Koreans even have a special ‘meat dog’ breed called Nureongi which is bred for human consumption and very rarely kept as a pets.

And the flesh cannot be sold commercially, even though some communities have pressed in the past for it to be sold on market days alongside the usual fare of beef, pork and lamb.

The newspaper added; The surveyed farmers spoke about their special preference only through the assurance of anonymity. All feared a hostile reaction from animal welfare activists and animal lovers.

Animal welfare organisations and farmers assess the consumption differently, but it is particularly popular in the Rhine Valley.

'One farmer said he had stopped eating it purely because it is frowned upon by society. He sees this as the hypocrisy of a society that can get otherwise not enough meat.

There are no official figures about how many of these animals end up on the plates of the Swiss.

The country also has a small but thriving trade in cat pelts for coats and bedspreads. The Swiss parliament rejected changing the laws to protect dogs and cats for human consumption back in 1993.

Edith Zellweger of the Salez animal welfare group said; How unscrupulous can a society be that man eats his best friend?

She was behind the drive 20 years ago to get the law changed and will press for fresh legislation again.

The Federal Veterinary Office said it was a cultural matter and pointed out that in some countries dogs are reared specifically to be slaughtered and eaten.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … z2I76e3Dod
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Foods are scarce now with the growing populations, human just eat whatever that are edible.

No need to be alarmed if next time u open a can of pork luncheon meat from china, u could also be eating the mix of pork and other animals meat.

I agree, it could also be chemicals or something else bad.
do you remember the Melamine (plastic) in baby milk powder when all those babies died?

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I wonder if you eat cat then cats will run away or try to bite you?
my friend from Phillipines says when he eats dog all the dogs around bark at him!

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Why would anyone eat a cat ???