10-Oct-2017 - The Borneo Post - Miri News Digest

10/10/2017: FRONT PAGE: Guideline on shark species needed
MIRI: The authorities have been called to conduct research on the few types of sharks which have been listed by international bodies as endangered species. The call was made by Malaysian Nature Society ( MNS) Miri branch chairman Iqbal Abdollah after… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: GOF raid leads to seizure of diesel worth RM350,000
MIRI: A total of 45,000 litres of diesel worth RM350,000 were seized during an operation carried out on a premises in Permyjaya here by the General Operations Force ( GOF) recently. In a statement yesterday, GOF Battalion 12 commanding officer Supt… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Council plans setting up one craft market in every town, city in Sarawak
MIRI: Sarawak Craft Council plans to set up a craft market at every town and city across the state, beginning next year. According to Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs Datuk John Sikie Tayai, who is also the council’s chairman, this… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Duo arrested after raid uncovers 35 packets of drugs
MIRI: Police arrested two men and seized 35 drug-filled packets during a raid on a house at Jalan Krokop here on Sunday. In disclosing this, deputy district police chief Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit said a team from the Narcotics Crime Investigation… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: NGO wants 2018 school mid-term holiday to coincide with Gawai Dayak
MIRI: Non- governmental organisation Terabai Menua ( TM) yesterday expressed dissatisfaction and objection to the 2018 school mid-term holiday schedule. Its president Mark Jenggo said the slated start of the midyear school holiday next year falls… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: First-ever mountain bike event in Sibu Jaya attracts over 100 cyclists
SIBU: More than 100 cyclists converged on Sibu Jaya on Sunday for the inaugural Sibu Jaya Mountain Bike Challenge 2017. The majority of participants were from Sibu, Kuching, Bintulu and Miri with one cyclist coming all the way from Selangor. The… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: ‘Adet Maren-Paren practice remains relevant today’
MIRI: The process of appointing Kayan and Kenyah community leaders including their ‘ ketua kampung’ (village headmen) must go through their respective native customary institutions. For the Kayans, this process should be the prerogative of the ‘Adet… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Over 200 take part in ‘Fitness Dance Party’ at Permy Mall
MIRI: More than 200 people had fun during the Evolution Fitness Permyjaya Club’s ‘Fitness Dance Party’ at Permy Mall here last Sunday, hosted as part of activities in ‘Octo Fest 2017’. The mass exercise session, which ran from 2pm to 5pm, was led by… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Bisaya community hold family day to enhance ties
MIRI: Nearly 300 villagers from three kampungs attended a Family Day organised by Persatuan Bisaya Sarawak ( PBS) Indug Sangkar Belimbing branch on Sunday. PBS exco member Lily Sapun officiated at the family day aimed at enhancing rapport among the… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: PAS Sarawak remains committed in reaching out to needy folk, says info chief
MIRI: The Parti Islam SeMalaysia ( PAS) Sarawak remains committed in reaching out to those in need. According to PAS Sarawak information chief Muhammad Afiq Mohd Khazar, the political party strives to assist the people as best as it can, to voice out… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: ‘Medicines should be taken as prescribed’
MIRI: We have often heard from the elderly, my parents included, that taking too much medicine will harm our health and even worst, damage the kidney. Hence, one of the things one can see at my parents’ house is piles of unused/unfinished medication… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Rep takes time off to visit cancer-stricken teen
MIRI: Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting took time off recently to pay a visit to young cancer patient Mohd Madza Shahiran at Miri Hospital. This was disclosed by Wisma Miri Sports and Recreation Club ( Wisma) president Abdul Wahab, who said the… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Calling Sape players to special gathering on Oct 21
MIRI: The beauty of Orang Ulu traditional musical instrument Sape is known and appreciated by many people worldwide. This is in part the result of aggressive promotion by local musicians committed to spread the interest in Sape to the… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: Students visit Lopeng Fire and Rescue station
MIRI: Twenty- six teachers and students from SK Kampung Iran went on an educational tour to the Lopeng Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) station here last Sunday. The visit gave the students the opportunity to learn about the various tools, machinery… (read more)

10/10/2017: HOME: SUPP Senadin to work with NGOs in addressing local issues — Lee
MIRI: Sarawak United People Party ( SUPP) Senadin branch welcomes any local non- governmental organisation here to work with the party in addressing the welfare issues of needy people in the city particularly in the Senadin constituency. Branch… (read more)