10 Canine Commandments

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I really love these commandments… it really opened my eyes… thanks for the reminder… :slight_smile:

awww…so sweet.i love the last part the most…remember that i love u

Commandment no.1. So sad. i have 2 aging dogs and the feeling of losing them really scares me. :frowning:

I love this. :smiley:


Really touching my heart… :wink:

I love when it says : “Give me time to understand what you want from me”. :roll:
: “Be aware that however you treat me,i’ll never forget it”. :evil:
: “Take care of me when i get old.You too will grow old”. :twisted:
: "Go with me on difficult journeys. :slight_smile:
: “Remember that I LOVE U”. :smiley:

                      "Thumbs Up!"   :|

this bring tears to my eyes…thanks for sharing

nice one :slight_smile: