1 Room for Rent @ Taman Boulevard RM 350

Semi-D house. Empty room but with aircond furnished. RM 300 + aircond electric equally divided.
You can use the induction cooker, fridge, mineral water filter, washing machine.

Location: Opposite Courts mammoth
Bulatan park - 1 min drive away
Pelita area - 5 mins drive
Parkson - 7 mins drive

Interested, pls leave a message/PM here or contact/sms 016 8751337 ur details.

  1. Are you from Miri?
  2. Are you working adult?
  3. Who is renting?
  4. How long do you intend to rent the room?

No agent required.

Bump!! i’m interested…still available??

sms or pm me in here. Thanks!

Forgot criteria 5. Must be Lenglui

yup, mz be lenglui. thks.

Still available. Chinese only.

helo zefei,
please sms your number?
i have a client looking for a room.
you may call me at 013-5783398

May I know where is Taman Boulevard? I will be working in Piasau (beside the petronas station nearby Pujut 7 Roundabout)… How is the traffic condition from Taman Boulevard to my working location (the main road and roundabout) during working hour?

How many people is staying currently?

  1. I am from Ipoh
  2. Working
  3. Me
  4. Until I leave Miri (if nothing happen in between).

My contact number is 010 - 2316065

Hi td, piasau n pujut 7 … There are three petronas station. Of which the traffic may vary from tmn boulevard. If ur working location is at piasau area then, u can reach within 10 mins. If u’re working at pujut 7, it can reach within 15-20 mins of heavy traffics. There’s only me staying in the house. Jz curious wat r u doing in miri, tats a long way from Ipoh…

I am working in Shell, but not the lutong office.

I will be here for at least 5 years.

Anyway, I will be doing some slight cooking (blending juice and boiling soup), so I actually expect the kicthen to be clean…

I am quite keen to rent the room, may I view the house? As I have limited access to the internet (marriot charge super high on their internet, so I didn’t purchase), so pleasee message me for the convenient time for viewing the house… I should be available tomorrow and sunday…

My contact number is 010 - 2316065

Interested, you can contact me at kongth@gmail.com


Hi everyone, do you guys interested in buying a used SHARP 25" TV? RM 250 nego…for house renting, i’m sure u guys may need a used tv?

see my post viewtopic.php?f=65&t=34297 thanks…

no, thank you… i want 40’’ LED

hi there zefei, may i know is the room still available?

yes xueli. May I know who’s interested?

Bump. One room is available for rent.

Zefei, still available?

Yes it’s still available. Pls contact me at kongth@gmail.com