1 Malaysia

Anyone want share they opinion on 1 Malaysia…

let me make a surveys here …
If yes please state your understanding what is meant by 1 MALAYSIA

It’s his ‘Gitmo’ stunt… as with Obama. Every leader has one when they come into power.

…at least he doesnt fall asleep here and there or during parliament meetings… got to give him score for that

You mean who fall to sleep hehe… pak lah ?

Its just a way of uniting all malaysians… and disregard of the “hak-hak”/rights … So… Dont expect much from it… It’s just to unite us all… :smiley:

in another words publicity stunt? What or which Prime Minister never try at one time to ‘Unite the Rakyat’ ? Does it every really work that much ? Then why are we still ‘trying’ to unite?

What differentiate between Najib and Pak Lah is that Najib is very cunning & command power while Pak Lah have Mr. Nice Guy personality.
Previously Anwar have good time “bullying” Pak Lah but he find it tough with Najib.
Never underestimate Najib…

becoz now we all can unite via online despite of racial differences. Thank TMNET for that (siapa punya? UMNO punya la…)

we are still trying to unite because certain people refuse to take action or just doubtful about whatever effort is trying to be done.

sorry I use Deconnexion … hahaha …

wha… whaat…? TMNUT? That always disconnect? No wonder never Unite.

ya … I agree…

Another slogan cooked up by some PR company. I prefer 1Borneo…more fun.

lols where got so easy oh~~

still not acceptable for 1 malaysia… as they more care about bumiputera… they more benefits than the others… :smiley:

the concept is good, the vision is good…but i’m afraid it will be like our VISION 2020…i dun think we can achieve that target, if there is no respect other peoples…

what is 1Malaysia?

1Malaysia is when, as my old but wise history teacher once said… “when we start calling ourselves Bangsa Malaysia and not Bangsa Cina, Bangsa Melayu, Bangsa India etc…”

yea… agree… but this wont happen… :frowning: its depend on how the governments work on treat the others races… same benefits… and others…

we will still be malay, chinese, bumi & indian … unity between race in the people is not a problem, its the way how administration differentiate us by using race in their process. Every single application form ask of your race, man, you would think people being elected should know this better than the thousand he convince to vote him.

everyone should have a chance into a theme park, then everyone will be happy inside, impose a theme park to be 30% white shirt only, 50% blue shirt only … blah blah blah … you will get not so happy people outside theme park shouting at happy people inside theme park; angry people look for reason, and since they can’t see what happening inside the next best reason will be the sign board stating the quota, people inside won’t get it, cuz no matter what sort of shirt you have inside the theme park, your happy as everyone else INSIDE!

so … people inside don’t face differential pressure due to the shirt they wore, but the outside people will, because it is written that way on the board. Guess who they turn against when the crowd gets bigger & louder

i want to go theme park liou …

go build 1Malaysia shopping mall beter