07East Music and Deejay Skills Workshop


A FREE 3hour educational workshop which is fun, engaging, interactive and should not be missed! For all ages, from 12 - 70, we’ll take you through a simple technique-style workhop to teach you how to make music, how to record sound, how to learn to be a dj fast, and how to have good audio in your videos.

Featuring Nitro from Peru and Kevin ‘Ipoh Mali’ Chand. Nitro pic attached, is an all round musician; playing the keyboard, guitar and some percussion, deejay and salsa man. This guy also can sing and is very funny so be prepared for some laughter during the workshop too.

Kevin is a technical geek and he seems to be studying all the time, learning new tricks, putting systems together and always budget and efficiency conscious, in other words, he’ll be able to tell you how to get the best sound for the least amount of capital. he also fixes electronics so if you have one of your dad’s old tube amps lying around, you might want to try get some advice from him.

This roadshow event will be featured on these dates, venues and time:

22nd Nov 2007 - KL, Times Square, 2nd Floor SkyBridge - 1pm
24th Nov 2007 - Kuching, Sarawak, Jambu Restaurant - 1pm
27th Nov 2007 - Miri, Sarawak, venue not confirmed yet
30th Nov 2007 - KK, Sabah, The Rock School - 1pm[/b]