Youth urged to spend more time exercising


MIRI: There is an increasingly worrying trend of children and teenagers getting excessively obsesssed with handphones and other electronic gadgets, resulting in the lack of physical exercises.

This issue, if taken lightly by society, can lead to unhealthy lifestyle among our youth.

Senadin assemblyman Datuk Lee Kim Shin said more and more people seemed to be neglecting the importance of being physically active.

“The topic of physical exercise must be urgently emphasised nowadays, in the wake of rising health threats caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

“More and more people are becoming sedentary and no longer exercising regularly.

“Even youths and teenagers are becoming too engrossed in their gadgets such as handphones and computers, he said.

Lee, who is also Sarawak Assistant Safety, Land and Air Transportation and Tourism Minister, said some teenagers spent their entire day on these gadgets.

“The cases of young people suffering illnesses such as diabetes and high-blood presssure are rising.

“These have become a trend in our society, especially in urban areas,” he said at the launch of Zumba Fitness Party in Miri.

Lee said people must realise that their health was top priority.

“There is no use being rich if a person is saddled with health problems.

“I hope that more families and community bodies will put in greater effort to include physical exercises in their daily programmes.

“Take this issue seriously,” he added.

The Zumba Fitness Party was jointly organised by Senadin Saberkas Youth and Dance Tuition Studio.

About 300 youths took part in the two-hour workout.

The event drew participants from Kuching and Sibu besides Brunei and Sabah.

The workout and training programme was conducted by Jay Bauzon, a Dubai-based physical therapy teacher.

Source: The Star

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