Use fun ways to inculcate children’s reading habit


MIRI: The foundations of reading among children need be laid down at pre-school level, said Sarawak Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah.

“The habit will stay with children until they grow into adulthood, becoming part and parcel of their personality,” she said.

“Parents may conduct reading sessions with their children seated on their laps.

“In addition to improving reading skills, this will also help parents to bond with their children, Fatimah said at the opening of Astana Kindergarten’s “Month of Reading” event here.

She said teachers were free to educate children through their own creativity and innovation.

“Books in our country are expensive, not to mention the lack of resources in rural areas.

Fatimah interacting with the children.

Fatimah interacting with the children.

“In situations like this, teachers may ask children to write their own books and share it among their peers. This will in turn instil confidence in them.

“Make learning fun by allowing children to move their bodies.

“Activities such as walks in the parks and even grocery shopping will encourage children to pick up words around them,” said Fatimah.

Parents should start with big books that contained illustrations and rhymes so that young children would associate what they heard and saw with letters and words, she added.

Astana Kindergarten headmistress Siti Hajihah Abdullah said the kindergarten utilised e-learning to stimulate the pupils, while maintaining traditional reading methods.

The kindergarten also makes a collaborative effort with parents to continue the habit of reading at home.

Also present was children’s book author Datin Seri Judy Ling, whose book Hairy Scary Spider was read at the session.

Source: The Star

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