Plans aimed at ending flood woes at schools


MIRI: Plans are afoot to relocate flood-prone schools in Ulu Baram district, in interior northern Sarawak, to safer ground.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said he was planning this together with the local community leaders in his constituency.

“I am coming up with a proposal for the relocation programme, complete with the list of schools badly affected by floods in my constituency.

“The community leaders and I will make proposals on the relocation of these schools and will submit them to Education Ministry in Putrajaya.

“We will look into the budget and sites for the construction of the new schools.

“I will personally push for this relocation to be approved by Putrajaya soonest,” he added.

Ngau said more and more schools were affected by floods each day.

“Schools such as SK Long Bemang and SK Long Subeng are situated on low grounds. They get hit by floods all the time,” Ngau told StarMetro, adding that the structures of these schools were dilapidated due to the flooding.

Ulu Baram had been hard hit by floods since the start of the year.

In late February and early March, more than 10,000 folk from at least 15 longhouses and schools in Telang Usan were inundated by water.

Among the settlements burdened by flood are Long Bedian, Long Atip, Long Tajang, Long Buan, Long Bemang, Long Loyang, Long Batan, Long Aton, Long Sobeng, SK Long Sobeng, SK Long Subeng, Long Anyat, Long Luteng, Long Puak and Long Lama town.

“At least 10,000 people were affected so far by the flood since early this year

“The schools have been closed several times as floodwater reached the roofs,” Ngau said.

Source: The Star

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