Misnu: Malaysia Ngaji 2017 a good programme for Muslims to understand Quran better


Students are seen reciting verses from the Quran during the programme.

KUCHING: The Malaysia Ngaji 2017 programme serves as a good platform to not only enhance the proficiency in reciting the Quran among Muslims, but also for them to better understand the teachings written in the Holy Book and in turn, apply them in their daily lives.

According to Sarawak Islamic Council (MIS) president Datu Misnu Taha, Islam has always been advocating its followers to ‘maintain close relations’ with the Quran – even more so during Ramadan month.

“Reading Al-Quran brings us closer to Allah; the teachings in it are those that we need to practise in our daily lives.

“Therefore, programmes such as ‘tilawah Al-Quran (Quran recital) are vital, especially for the younger generation of Muslims. We need to create a generation of Muslims who take the Quran as one of their points of reference in running their daily lives,” he said at the state-level ‘Malaysia Ngaji 2017’ programme at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak here yesterday, where Pustaka Sarawak chief executive officer Japri Bujang Masli and a member of its board of directors Dr Abdul Rahman Deen were also present.

On another subject, Misnu stressed that every Muslim should always strive to seek knowledge, but this must go along with the pursuit of truth and credibility.

“For example, one must not simply share news without knowing and verifying its truth and credibility. In simple terms, we should be able to analyse, understand and think critically before sharing any information with others.

“Any news, fake or otherwise, that has the potential to harm and disrupt – even if at first glance, it appears to be non-malicious in nature – would adversely affect society.”

More than 300 people including students and those from government agencies took part in ‘Malaysia Ngaji 2017’. It is learned that the same programme also took place at Pustaka Miri yesterday.

Source: The Borneo Post

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