Jofri retains state PAS commissioner post


Some of the exco line-up for the working committee of Sarawak PAS Liaison’s Meeting 2017–2019.

MIRI: Chairman of Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) Miri Jofri Jaraiee has retained his post as Sarawak PAS commissioner for the 2017–2019 term.

Jofri was given the trust to continue leading the party’s state exco during the Sarawak PAS Liaison’s Meeting in Mukah recently.

He will be assisted by three deputy commissioners: Zulkipli Ramzi, Khairul Ismail and Salman Hisham.

Muhtar Suhaili As-Sarawaki has been elected as the secretary for the PAS state exco with Hamdan Sani, Abang Abdul Rain Abang Abdilah and Dayangku Huda Othman as his assistant secretaries.

Other office bearers are Nazrul Izwan Sulaiman (treasurer), Mohd Afiq Mohd Khazar (information chief) and Zharudin Narudin (election director).

Heading the various councils are Abdul Halim Abdul Kadir (Ulamak), Mohammad Arifiriazul Paijo (youth), and Juliani Adini (Muslimat).

Tuai Rumah Clement Bayang is the chief for the PAS supporters’ congress and his vice-chief is Achau Mujah.

Meanwhile, overseeing various areas are Hishamuddin Hasiff (Santubong), Morshidi Hassan (Petra Jaya), Zulkipli Ramzi (Kota Samarahan), Abdul Rahim Omar(Batang Sadong), Wan Abdillah Wan Ahmad (Batang Lupar), Nasrun Madehie(Sibu), Mohd Syahid Anuar (Mukah), Khairul Ismail (Bintulu), Butir Bakar (Sibuti) and Zulhusni Abdullah (Limbang).

In addition to this, the party state exco has also a total of 13 bureaus (Lajnah) which are under the charge of different chairpersons.

The bureaus are Lajnah Politic and Election (Jofri), Lajnah Tarbiyyah and Perkaderan (Abdul Halim), Lajnah for Preaching (Izzatul Islam Hassan), Lajnah for Information and Media Relation ( Syamsul Bahri Mohammad), Laajnah for Parti Empowerment (Khairul), Lajnah for Information Technology and Communication (Abdul Fattah Walid),  Lajnah for Economy, Treasury and Entrepreneur Development (Nazrul Izwan Sulaiman), Lajnah for Welfare and Community (Morshidi Hassan), Lajnah for National Unity and Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Relation (Kamarul Ariffin Abdullah Zauaui), Lajnah for Agro, Land and Industry Development (Asan Singkro), Lajnah for Education (Salman Hisham), Lajnah for Law and Humanitarian Rights (Kiprawi Aman) and Lajnah for Research and Strategy (Morshidi Ahmad).

During the meeting, Farhan Baharuddin was elected as head director for KHIDMAT Sarawak while Zulkipli Ramzi was given the responsibility as the chairman of PAS Complex of Sarawak where he will be assisted by his two deputy chairmen Mohd Syahid Anuar and Jaffar Siddiq.

Source: The Borneo Post

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