Fun run in the wee hours


MIRI: Young and old folk alike are always drawn to the lure of colours and noises in sports and games.

Regardless of age, all are drawn to exciting sights and sounds.

Thus, it is little wonder that the Miri Full Marathon 2017 and half marathon, which saw more than 4,000 people from all walks of life taking part in the 1am to 7am race.

The 42km and 21km Sunday run that started and ended at the Miri Stadium spanned the whole of the city and its outskirts.

The marathon jointly organised by numerous local organisations, associations, companies and government agencies, saw entries from from Africa, Europe, the US, Asia as well as other states in Malaysia.

There were many from Brunei who took part. They usually come to Miri for shopping and entertainment and food on weekends.

The winner of the full marathon was a middle-aged athelete from Kenya, Stephen Mungatha.

Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting also took part in the 21km race and he finished the race.

Participants of the Miri Full Marathon 2017 with Ting (centre, in green singlet).

Participants of the Miri Full Marathon 2017 with Ting (centre, in green singlet).

Ting said he was happy to see people from all races and nationalities taking part.

“So many took part in the race despite the event starting so early after midnight.

“Young and old took part. Locals and foreigners were there too.

“It was fun. Everybody had a good time and a healthy workout.

“The organisers did a good job,” he added.

Ting said Miri had the ability to stage big international events not just in sports but also in musical festivities.

He hoped more of such events can be included in the annual tourism calendar for Miri City.

Source: The Star

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