Bomba helps to cut off bracelet, ring on grandma’s hand and finger


MIRI: Doctors at Miri Hospital had to seek assistance from the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) personnel yesterday, to remove not one but two ornaments stuck on an elderly patient – a jade bracelet and a stainless steel ring.

The 78-year-old granny who had been admitted to the hospital for about a week had her hands and fingers swollen which caused the bracelet and ring to constrict bloodflow even further.

The Bomba team led by Senior Fire Officer Ramlee Sahari and two other personnel from Bomba Lopeng rushed to the hospital upon receiving the request from hospital at about 12pm.

The team arrived at 12.06pm.

According to Ramlee, the granny had been wearing the jade for 50 years and the ring for three years.

“Unlike the stainless steel ring, it took us a while to cut the jade,” he said, adding that it took them nearly 90 minutes to cut the jade and the  ring.

“We finished our operation at 1.45pm,” Ramlee said.

Source: The Borneo Post

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