Blind masseurs hit by rivalry from illicit counterpart


MIRI: Despite their courage and determination to live on their own income, most visually impaired masseurs here are facing challenging times.

Due to the slowdown in the oil-and-gas sector, there were fewer workers coming for the service, said a blind masseur, Stephen Jilan, who works at Miri Blind Centre here.

The situation is made worse by the mushrooming of illicit massage parlours, he told StarMetro.

“I am struggling to survive daily. Sometimes I have only two customers per week.

“Previously I can have three customers in one day.

“Business is really bad now. Not many oil workers come here anymore.

“I was told that ‘China dolls’ masseurs get many clients everyday,” he said.

Jilan said the public should seek blind masseurs for a good physical therapy while at the same time help these blind folks earn a living.

“We are trying to earn a decent living every day instead of loitering around waiting for government aid.

“I urge members of the public to utilise the service of blind masseurs as we are genuine and professionally trained.

“Our massage is beneficial for physical therapy.

A blind couple, Asui and Diana both in their late 30s are also struggling with their businesses because of stiff competition from illicit massage centres. Asui and Diana have to fork out RM800 per month for rentals of their poorly-equipped massage outlet in Kuala Baram.

Source: The Star

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